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Dr. Amanda Bradley D.D.S. / Associate Dentist

Knowledgeable, approachable, friendly, plus top of her class when she graduated from Dental School - and that begins to describe Pelok Dental's Associate Dentist, Dr. Amanda Bradley. Dr. Pelok taught at dental school for many years and Dr. Bradley being at the top of her class impressed him with her skills and knowledge. You will be seeing much more of her around Pelok Dental because Dr. Pelok has been looking for an Associate Dentist to take on a portion of the general dentistry part of the practice. Dr. Pelok will continue to oversee the practice and having Dr. Bradley on the team allows him to concentrate on more specialty issues such as IV sedation, extractions, etc. Dr. Bradley grew up in a small rural town of Jasper, Indiana. She is a very athletic person and enjoyed being involved with sports. She spent time as a cheerleader in middle school, high school and then college. Dr. Bradley is engaged to be married to her high school sweetheart Bernie. He's an orthopedic surgeon at Hurley Medical Center and McLaren Regional Medical Center. Dr. Bradley attended Indiana University and originally wanted to be a chiropractor, but after a day of dentistry observations, decided she preferred dentistry. She really enjoys the people part of what she does as a dentist - learning about her patient's lives, families and interests makes her work much more enjoyable.

Variety is also a driving force for Dr. Bradley, there is always something new, interesting and challenging to accomplish in this field. No one day is the same as another and that is something that she really enjoys. Dr. Bradley likes the cutting edge technology of modern dentistry. She also enjoys doing fillings and crowns. She first thought about limiting her focus to just pediatrics and orthodontic work, but now believes that general dentistry is where it's at for her. Dr. Bradley loves kids and they relate very well to, if it's time to bring your child to see the dentist...make sure you ask for Dr. Bradley! When she isn't working at the practice, she really enjoys doing home maintenance like landscaping and mowing. Reading romantic novels is another favored past time, along with playing the piano. She's an accomplished piano player and has been playing since the first grade! Dr. Bradley also enjoys shopping in her spare time. The staff at Pelok Dental is very happy to have Dr. Bradley as part of the team. You and your family will be in good hands when visiting Pelok Dental and have Dr. Amanda Bradley look after you and your family's teeth.

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