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Hygienist - Terri

This is the second time that Terri has been a part of the Pelok Dental staff. She worked here back in 2012 and was very happy to be asked to return in January of 2014, because she really loves doing this work. What got her started with Hygienist work? She said her sister is a hygienist, and originally encouraged her to become one. Everyone here is very excited to have her back! Terri also works at a General Surgeon's practice, which she has done for about 12 years. Terri brings a wealth of health skills and experience to her hygienist work. Terri really likes the teamwork here and how Dr. Pelok takes the time to explain things to patients; and she likes how ethical and professional Dr. Pelok and the staff are when it comes to looking out for the best interests of their patients. Ethical dental practices and fellow employees who care, are extremely important to Terri, and she realizes that her patients put a lot of trust in her. Terri really loves people, she totally enjoys keeping up with her patients and their lives. Hearing about her patient's lives and how they change is very interesting and rewarding; she likes to hear what has happened and what is new every time a patient comes back in for a check up. Most important to Terri, is making sure that her patient's overall health is better by giving them dental care...knowing this really makes her feel good. Terri is a mom of three, with two still at home. She and her family really enjoy camping in Northern Michigan. She also enjoys mountain biking, golfing, photography and quilting. Terri is a huge fan of fish tacos! She wants you to know that everyone here believes in ongoing patient education and she hopes to be a part of this team for a long time to come. She wants you to know that you'll get very good compassionate care at Pelok Dental. You and your family's teeth will certainly be better off with Terri taking care of you.

Dental Assistant - Vickie

Vickie will tell you she's a very patient and mellow person...but when you first meet her, you'll also notice how much positive energy she exudes. She's very friendly, has a very giving nature, and makes you feel comfortable when you're around her. Vickie is originally from Texas, although most of her life has been spent in Michigan. She still enjoys warm weather and warmer climates...but also is very fond of the different seasons Michigan has to offer. Her family and traveling are very high on her list of things she likes to do...especially amusement parks! Disney World, Cedar Pointe, Michigan Adventure and Busch Gardens are all places that have her interest. Ice cream is another big interest of Vickie's...she loves it! Spending time with her family and 3 kids, 1 boy and 2 girls, is her number one priority. Vickie is very proud of her children. She doesn't like heights, bridges, cooking or being late. By the way, she says she does cook, she just doesn't like to, ... and thinks her sister is a much better cook. Vickie says she gets a lot of help from her sister in this area! Vickie also has an interest in sign language. If you ask her for reasons why she decided to do this kind of work, Vickie mentions her family's dental history. That history wasn't very good...and that fueled her desire to make things better for others. She's been doing this work for about 25 years and she has a great desire to make dental health care a priority for everyone. Vickie really enjoys what she does and wants to continue to do this for many more years. Vickie has a lot of experience with cosmetic dentistry and extractions. She's also very interested in, and a big fan of orthodontics because she knows how much it can change the lives of patients for the positive. Nutrition is extremely important to her and she likes to impress this upon her patients. She loves meeting all the different patients and finding out about their varied backgrounds and interests while learning about so many different cultures. She has a strong desire to help others get and keep healthy teeth...because she really likes a good smile. Being around Vickie will make you smile.

Office Manager - Jill

Wife, Mom, Business Owner and Pelok Dental Office about a full plate! Lets start with the fact that she is a very caring person. Jill cares very much about Pelok Dental, Dr. Pelok, the staff at Pelok Dental and most importantly...the patients. You don't have to spend much time around Jill, to recognize this most important quality of her personality. She's big on honesty, empathy and being considerate. These are qualities that she draws upon every day with Pelok Dental patients and staff. Jill makes herself available for the patients at Pelok Dental. The challenge every day, combined with her perfectionism and desire to please, make her a great choice for Office Manager at Pelok Dental. Jill really likes making people happy and will go the extra mile to make that happen. She never thought she would be doing this kind of work...especially since she says that being a morning person isn't really her thing! Jill is married to Brian and also helps him run their business, City Builders of Davison; she handles the administrative side of the business. They are the parents of 4 on top of her Pelok Dental work and helping with their family business, life is full and busy! There isn't a whole lot of extra time with her schedule, but when pressed for an answer she admits to being a country girl and nature lover. Her family time is very important. Camping is something she likes when they get a chance. Sitting with a book outside and feeding the animals are also at the top of her likes. Her family calls her Ellie Mae...due to her desire to feed the wild animals. Jill will admit that she does like to glam it up once in a while and one thing she really likes is flowers...that's hand picked flowers! Jill is also very involved in her Church, where she's a children's program teacher. She likes the personal touch and prefers a pen and card over an email when possible. Jill will do her very best to make your next visit to Pelok Dental a warm and friendly experience.

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