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"I have known Dr. Scott Pelok since he worked at the Ann Arbor Dental School. I especially like the way the Doctor is so friendly towards each client. Dr. Pelok gets to know the person, shows what options are available and delivers on his expert techniques. I have needed many different procedures on almost every tooth in my mouth. Dr. Pelok has successfully made my smile a part of me. People smile back at me when I smile at them. Dr. Pelok has helped me with crowns, new teeth with the machine which produces a tooth while you wait in the chair at his office and has implanted two-teeth implants to cover four missing teeth. I respect Dr. Pelok's optimistic and charismatic treatments. I have followed Dr. Pelok from Ann Arbor to Adrian to Flint. Dr. Pelok is one of the finest dentists I have ever come across. You would be doing yourself a favor to visit his office once to see for yourself how nice an experience visiting a dentist can be. Good luck, if you have half the great care as I have received these past years, you will rejoice in having the best smile you can get."

- Bob Hayes

You're always welcome to call our office concerning changes and updates to your UAW Dental Insurance at 810-733-2530.  Feel free to ask our staff about changes affecting UAW Dental Insurance coverage for UAW retirees, UAW-GM employees and retirees, UAW-Ford employees and retirees, UAW-Chrysler employees and retirees.  When the Pelok Dental staff receives updated information concerning UAW retiree and employee dental benefit changes for GM, Ford and Chrysler...we will be glad to pass that information on to you.

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